Firefly Online Ltd


“We were a very young business with a new software product that was starting to gain traction in the market. I was working all hours of the day building customer relationships whilst my co-director Rueben frantically developed the product to meet the commitments we had made. There seemed to be no time to consider the longer term strategy for the business but John’s involvement changed this.

During a series of short meetings John helped me critically assess where the business was positioned, what the market opportunity was and, together, we created a practical business plan to take the business forward.  Of course, the landscape has changed as the business has travelled but John has been a constant source of good, practical advice and was instrumental in helping Firefly secure significant seed-corn investment”

Richard Ratcliffe, managing director


Firefly Online Limited creates technology that helps clients in the public and private sector manage contracts, tendering and procurement via a holistic online portal that allows sharing of information, collaboration and ultimately drives out efficiencies and cost saving. Firefly appointed Skye Corporate Finance to help clarify and define the strategy. During regular round table sessions, Skye challenged, tested and honed Richard Ratcliffe’s ideas and prepared a document that acted as both a practical business plan and an investment proposal. Firefly has gone on to secure significant funding from a corporate investor and was awarded a national innovation grant.