The Listening Company


“John made an immediate impact. At the very first meeting he opened our eyes to the position we were facing, our strengths and weaknesses and the implications of what we were entering into. He worked with us over a two-month period and helped us to appraise and come to terms with the complexities of a Private Equity transaction. His support through the process stood us in good stead for the deal we subsequently completed.”

Neville Upton, chief executive


The Listening Company, a £20m business services and sales management organisation based in London and Portsmouth, approached Skye Corporate Finance for consultancy support whilst in discussions with potential Private Equity backers.

The client’s management team was identified as top quality and highly experienced in its field but had not been through this type of deal before. John Sykes was introduced to the process to sit alongside the management team, help members to appraise the deal and provide support through the process. Deadlines were extremely tight, the dynamics of the deal were complex and demanding and thus service levels had to be high. It was important to get close to the management team and deliver an appraisal of the deal very quickly and this was achieved.